Wir sind gerade sehr hinter her die IO Performance unseres neuen Clusters zu verbessern und haben echt schon viel gesucht aber wenig gefunden.

Und dann finden wir fast durch Zufall während dem Standup durch ein bisschen stöbern in den Cronjobs (eigentlich für diese Peaks) eine Komponente die für ca. 50% der schreibenden IOPS verantwortlich ist^^

Da muss @dev jetzt mal ran :)

@dev and we are observing the impact on our infrastructure :)

The write peaks you can see are the nextcloud cron jobs running every 15 minutes.

Hey Fediverse! 👋 :uberspace:

We are now on mastodon too. This is our general purpose account for information, status updates and the counterpart of our famous twitter account (twitter.com/ubernauten/)

For support you can use @hallo after the implementation to our support structures is finished by @dev

Tonight we had an outage at one of our data centers due to a failing switch. Glad it wasn't one of the two running the Uberspace servers. But still we are there even at 3am :)

Looked like the switch failed but keept the links up, so traffic was lost while routing it to that broken switch. Isolating and rebooting the switch helped.

Our @dev team is currently working on integrating Mastodon into our support systems, so for now we only check this account sporadically.

For the moment, please contact us via email at hallo@uberspace.de if you require assistance with your Uberspace account.

Hello Fediverse!

We're the ops team working under the hood of uberspace.de.

After a lot of requests we finally brought uberspace to the fediverse.

Follow us for under-the-hood stories of our infrastructure.

Uberspace Mastodon

This server is for internal use only at the moment