Kein Uberspace Rack, aber trotzdem ein bisschen Frühjahrsputz: Warst ein gutes Rack R7B8. 👋

Zum ersten Mal kann man sich bei uns auf etwas anderes bewerben als Entwicklung oder Vertrieb: Wir suchen zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine Systemadministrator:in. Darauf habt ihr alle nur gewartet? Hier lang: :)

Hello Fediverse!

We're the ops team working under the hood of

After a lot of requests we finally brought uberspace to the fediverse.

Follow us for under-the-hood stories of our infrastructure.

Our @dev team is currently working on integrating Mastodon into our support systems, so for now we only check this account sporadically.

For the moment, please contact us via email at if you require assistance with your Uberspace account.

Hello Mastodon!

We're the devs working on

Our presence on mastodon isn't quite ready for prime time yet, but the dev team already found a home.

Follow us for under-the-hood quirks, hopefully useful tips about python/django and packaging, as well as occasional friendly rants about qmail or other software. If you're lucky you might also get to see a sneak peek or three.

boots welcome :)

Uberspace Mastodon

This server is for internal use only at the moment (Imprint)