Does anyone know of a noSQL or SQL database, which allows ordinary clients to query an earlier state? i.e. have access to all (or a reasonable number of) prior revisions of the data within the schema; pretend that the query happened "10 minutes ago" or similar.

boosts welcome, please! :)

@tethre @dev none off-the-shelf, sorry. you can do it if you get clever enough with data architecture but i assume you’re trying to minimize cleverness like a decent programmer.


@garbados that's the case, yes. We can probably come up with our own scheme, but having that functionality in a separate, trusted component would be much nicer. @tethre

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@dev @garbados thinking about it, i know people who wrote a trigger for postgres, that created an audit-trail which allowed for "time-travel"...

i could ask for the technological details/examples, if that'd help?

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