Does anyone know of a noSQL or SQL database, which allows ordinary clients to query an earlier state? i.e. have access to all (or a reasonable number of) prior revisions of the data within the schema; pretend that the query happened "10 minutes ago" or similar.

boosts welcome, please! :)

@dev I get why you want to give non IT customers this option. It also sounds like an performance, storage nightmare o.O
Would a snapshot based solution be ok, or do you aim for the capability to rollback every single Transaction?

@gom true, we're not planning to offer this to customers, as it would be a nightmare :) Snapshots would be ok, too.

@dev Ok if rolling back to "snapshots" it pretty much sounds like:

(at least this is on my "need to fiddle with" list for similar reasons)


@gom yep! I know that one, but it's more of an admin/backup tool. There is no way an ordinary client can a) trigger a snapshot or b) query inside of one. Unless we build a lot of fiddly tooling around that.

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@dev @gom I have used ZFS snapshots and a on-demand spawned postgresql daemon for such things. Problem a) would still exist, though.

@dev You do not wan't to offer it to customers but clients? I'm a bit confused.
Which kind of access do you want to grant and how easy should it be (maybe describe a workflow?).
Anyway, Postgres omitted "time travel" years ago (storage and performance issues) and recommends using triggers where needed.
Out there are DBS' with time traveling capabilities (Oracle calls it "flashback"), but you likely know that.

@gom @dev I think "clients" means "software clients" here, not "customers". Confused me too for a second.

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