It took us some time, but you can (finally!) move your U6 account to U7 without changing your username.

Have a look! 🎉

@dev too late! But no big deal and good to see it's possible, now. 👍

Yay, thanks!👌
(Now i have no more excuses to finally move to U7😆)

@dev What about setting an MX record from the old domain to a new uberspace? I know, it might come with some strings attached but its almost impossible to change emails in all places

@dev an MX for pointing to so mail sent to can be received.

@just sorry, we have to get rid of all the records, because that zone is way too big :/ also, in the long term we're trying to remove all ties between accounts and hosts, so these mail addresses need to go. The new mail addresses are not attached to a host.

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