Migrating MySQL onto SSDs to help with performance. Let's see how this works out.

42% of U7 hosts, which are on the new cluster, got their MySQL migrated onto SSDs now! 馃帀 will probably be done today.

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fun fact: each run contains progressively larger hosts. The first ones were ~3GB of MySQL data, the current ones are ~17GB and the largest one is >80GB. That one will take a while.

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Some explanation on what we're even up to. The process for this is fairly straight forward:

1. mount SSD storage
2. rsync w/ MariaDB running
3. stop MariaDB
4. rsync w/o MariaDB running
5. move /var/lib/mysql away
6. bind-mount SSD storage to there
7. start MariaDB

If we're lucky and no data changes between 2. and 3., step 4 is pretty much instant. That means almost no downtime. If we're unlucky, a bunch of stuff changed which leads to >20 minutes of downtime :(

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Admittedly, you can build the whole thing way more efficient and without any downtime using a primary/secondary setup. But any run-time we would have saved doing that, we'd have probably lost in dev-time. The latter one is more limited right now, so here we are.

Admittedly-admittedly it's not very smart to have MySQL on the application hosts in the first place. Changing that is a bigger (but planned!) project, though.

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aaand about 7 hours ago at 4:30 reality kicked in.

Linux has got these /dev/sdb things you can use to talk to your disks, right? Well, their names can randomly change or reorder sometimes. If you're handling multiple disks, that's a thing you should know, right? Despite knowing that, I still managed to use /dev/sdb and .../sdc directly. Two colleges colleagues even signed off on the related ansible playbook.

So I got the whole thing deployed and went to sleep at 2am.

Guess what happened next.

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@Sonnenbrand A SERVER WENT BELLY UP :( but we managed to turn it around!

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