first 38 hosts done! 🎉 next batch of 60 rolling.. 🖥️ :rollout:

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sigh, this deployment proves difficult :( ansible just stops and sits there at random tasks in our playbook.. consuming 20% CPU to do: nothing at all. forever.

let's hope it manages to complete this time around.

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Uberspace v7.9.0 coming to a host near you 😎 PHP 8.0, Ruby 3.0, InfluxDB, PgSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, and much more! 🎉

the lovely folks over at interviewed us about the way we work, what we have to offer, and what's special about uberspace - have a look! 🎉

postgresql 🐘 couchdb, mongodb: there will be a big database party in the next two releases 🎉 Any suggestions for other DBs? Any pg, couch, or mongo beta testers? ;)

we're prototyping a new internal service to deliver news to you - "your storage is full", "your service is broken", "your permissions are wrong", "you're sending spam", etc.

... its name will be "hiob".

$ curl https://$domain -D -
HTTP/2 503

<title>301 Moved Permanently</title></head>

go home, nginx, you are 🍻!

Ein tolerantes und respektvolles Miteinander ist für uns wichtig. Meinungen mögen sich unterscheiden, aber nicht alles braucht eine Plattform. Wir haben unsere Hausordnung erneuert, um für euch transparent abzubilden, was intern schon lange Realität ist:

> python3.9: error while loading shared libraries:

🤔 I guess it will need a bit more work 😅

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oooh, python finally added a --with-platlibdir so you can make C modules go into /usr/lib64 and python modules into /usr/lib 🎉🎉 before that you needed an annoying patch across 11 files to do that.

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Does anyone know of a noSQL or SQL database, which allows ordinary clients to query an earlier state? i.e. have access to all (or a reasonable number of) prior revisions of the data within the schema; pretend that the query happened "10 minutes ago" or similar.

boosts welcome, please! :)

Sometimes we get support mail in a language, which we don't speak. In that case we just reply in English telling the person that we can only offer support in German and English. Thanks to the help of some friends, we now have a native-speaker-ish answer in Bulgarian, Russian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Esperanto, as well as Czech.

Feel free to send us more versions of "Sorry, we only offer support in German and English" 😜

Thanks, everyone! 😂

Are there any important-ish programming/scripting languages missing from U7? There is support for PHP, Python, Node, Ruby, go, rust, .NET, Erlang/OTP, Perl, Clojure, Java, GCC, Lua, and a few smaller ones.

Today in Uberspace 7 development: let's commit -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- 🎉😁 (really don't try this at home!)

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Today in Uberspace 7 development: let's commit -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- 🎉😁 (don't try this at home!)

thanks for all the feedback ❤️ our fediverse presence is really evolving into a valuable platform to gather ideas and make decisions! 👩‍🔬

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So, what do we do to get rid of EOLd python versions in a way that doesn't cause a couple thousand python users to scream at us?

Bonus: a dependency installed using "pip3.6" cannot be used by "python3.7" (very reasonable, but not helpful in this case.)

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