And in the meantime we've build really beautiful visualizations of our incoming queue :)

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> is the trailing dot in "" a mistake?

weeell, that's kind of a long story, my friend. let's agree on a solid yesn't.

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If you work as a dev or even ops person, try to do user support once in a while. Or at least talk to your support people. Even one hour a month teaches you more about your work than 100 gitlab issues ever will.

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Today, we present you our newest entertainment format - command-line comedy:

[maxinato@serpens ~]$ uberspace-move-account -u maxinato
maxinato does not seem to be a valid username.
[maxinato@serpens ~]$ whoami

Seems to work fine with a mainline kernel.. or, at least, it crashes my python instead of the machine 🤔

Soo do we move all U7 boxes onto a new shiny kernel now? 😅 my little bug fix suddenly looks much bigger now 😔

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To manage our in-host networking stack, we're using pyroute2. It provides two sub-libraries: IPDB and NDB. IPDB is depricated, but still in use here. NDB is the new stuff. While rewriting our code to work with NDB I managed to cause a kernel panic by assigning IP addresses to interfaces and taking them online.

This will be great fun to debug.

Why? 😭

It took us some time, but you can (finally!) move your U6 account to U7 without changing your username.

Have a look! 🎉

Mitogen is a really powerful tool. and also pretty absurd.

def file_exists(path):
return os.path.exists(path)

server = router.ssh(hostname=''), '/etc/passwd') # True

Run any python code on a remote host just like that, no prior setup.

Like every month, we've got quite a few very similar support tickets: "why is my site offline?".

Well, the site is offline because you didn't pay for more than a month. Currently, when this happens we just show "This account has been disabled. Please contact" instead of the users content.

To reduce the number of queries (and thus decrease waiting time for users), we sometimes think about showing more info here: "you're out of money, $link to charge up".

What do you think?

Feel free to suggest cake recipes if you'd like to see a particular type of cake on your favorite baking fediverse account!

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I did not bake anything today, so you'll have to do with a cake photo from the archives.

the usual tech posts may or may not resume in the near or far future. stay tuned!

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What's your opinion on automated accounts that post the content of other sites? We're contemplating individual fedi accounts for the uberspace 7 changelog, server status, blogposts, and so on.

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Meeting, Meeting,.. about social media accounts! Do you have any suggestions on how we should use our mastodon, birdsite, and insta accounts? Shoot them my way :)


@dev we have some exclusive insights from our hot computing facility :)

As you fedi-folks already know, Uberspace v7.7 brings "uberspace web header set" to your uberspace. But now we've also got a blog post to present it properly! 🎉 Have a look :)


instead of providing tech and uberspace content, we'll just switch baking from now on.

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Wenn ihr noch einen U6 Uberspace habt und uns ein bisschen helfen wollt, migriert ihn doch auf U7 :)
U6 läuft Ende des Jahres aus und eigentlich hätten wir euch alle bis dahin gerne auf der neuen Plattform :) :uberspace:

One of us is on holiday during the next few weeks and the other one will be half-absent as well 🏖 So you'll have to survive for a bit without a lot of output :)

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